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Unlikely Bedfellows: Business Diversity Inspires Sustainability, Innovation, and Action

When is breaking out of a paradigm a good thing?   Always. It allows business leaders to widen and deepen their access to resources. Small- and medium-sized enterprises especially can innovate more nimbly when they open up to diverse ideas and points of view.   When SME leaders embrace diversity beyond workforce demographics to include […]

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How to REV Up Your Clean Energy Engine

REVving Up at VERGE     I recently attended my first GreenBiz VERGE conference. With much anticipation, I looked forward to meeting more of my tribe – those professionals committed to championing businesses to assess and implement plans to use natural resources more efficiently and prevent further damage from climate change.   I am happy […]

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How to Prepare Your Business for the New Norm in Extreme Weather

Weather patterns are changing and severely impacting all businesses – no matter the size. Scientists, including those at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, already suspect there may be a link between global warming and growing storm intensity. What brought that home to me, personally, was the news footage of storm-flooded streets I saw in […]

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Where Does Your Business Stand on Climate Action?

I recently had the pleasure of talking with David Brodwin, co-founder of American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), about the different journeys businesses take on their path to sustainability.   His organization got its start when he and his cofounder, David Levine, along with 50 of their like-minded business leaders, realized they all had compelling ideas […]

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How Business Leaders Are Fueling the Energy of Climate Solutions

There’s no doubt that those of us already keen on business leaders finding climate solutions are excited. The 2015 solar jobs forecast is 8x greater than oil, gas, and coal combined. But, recent news is driving a sense of optimism even higher. Why? Two reasons.   Simply put, the first reason is funding. The adage […]

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What Defines Real Climate Leadership?

On Saturday, July 11th, I had the privilege of commemorating Brooks Shumway, former Executive Director of TomKat Charitable Trust (TKCT), with her family, col-leagues, and life-long friends. Together, we celebrated her hard work at TKCT, which supports TomKat Educational Ranch, home to Left Coast Grass Fed, a California-based sustainable beef ranch where Brooks guided the […]

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2015 MomentUs Summit

My Climate Journey: From the Florida Beaches to the MomentUs Summit

My appreciation for nature began early. I am fortunate to have parents who value and enjoy the outdoors. My mother attended church summer camps in the hills of West Virginia while growing up. My father, who was raised in the Philippines, has a deep love for the ocean. When we lived in Florida, both of […]

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America Knows How Executive Committee

Announcing the Launch of America Knows How, Our New MomentUs Business Initiative

The America Knows How Executive Committee is pleased to announce the launch today of its new national program, America Knows How. This program invites and supports heads of business associations, executives of companies, and other business leaders to lead by example and engage their staff, stakeholders, and industry peers in building mainstream support for climate […]

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Assessing the Impact of Climate on Business Operations

Resilience – the ability to bounce back after a disruption – has always been vital to business success. But now, businesses must contend with climate impacts along with their usual concerns. By understanding the potential effects of climate change on their ability to deliver products and services, businesses can create a thoughtful operational plan that […]

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New Report: Business Leaders Can Have Their Climate Cake and Eat it Too

What if the myth that investing in climate solutions damages economic growth was dispelled? According to a recent article in BusinessGreen, a major new UN report, The New Climate Economy, does just that: The report illustrates how governments and businesses can have grow the economy while stopping climate change. The report, Better Growth, Better Climate: […]

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