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Sin and climate change denial – a theological exploration

In this Washington Post piece, Dr. Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite, the former president of Chicago Theological Seminary, discusses climate change in theological terms: specifically, whether humans bear moral responsibility for extreme weather.   She explores the many aspects of sin in context of human responsibility, focusing on carbon pollution and climate change denial. Thistlethwaite also covers […]

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74 percent of Americans want to prepare rather than wait

New research on American views about preparation for climate change has been published by the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment.   “The American Public’s Preference for Preparing for the Possible Effects of Global Warming: Impact of Communication Strategies” measures many facets of communication research, showing results in line with other polls (including ecoAmerica’s report): […]

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Hurricane Sandy's Aftermath Around New York City Area

From causes to solutions: American alignment on climate change

Today on Capitol Hill, Stanford researcher Jon Krosnick will share findings from his new report on American climate change attitudes. The report includes a state-by-state analysis, and shows that Americans are concerned about climate change at record levels.   According to the synthesis of 23 different reports conducted by the Stanford Political Psychology Research Group, […]

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Climate and social norms: Tangling with the Bible in Texas

This thoughtful article by Jim Wallis takes a look, from a Christian perspective, at the tactics of the politically-based climate change deniers. Wallis is the founder of Sojourners, and a member of the MomentUs eco-humanitarian leadership circle.   In this piece, Wallis discusses a current battle in Texas over whether school textbooks should contain climate […]

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Best practices: influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is a form of social media marketing that closely mirrors actual human relationships. The practice includes building fertile relationships with people who have extensive networks, and can authentically and successfully promote your brand or message within their communities. In this blog post, written by Forbes social media columnist Mark Fidelman for the Huffington […]

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Obama’s pastor on finding God in the White House

As a part of its Faith Sector leadership, MomentUs is honored to have the Rev. Joshua DuBois, the architect of the White House Office of Faith Based Partnerships and President Obama’s personal spiritual advisor. This month, HarperOne is publishing a compendium of The President’s Devotional, daily devotionals that Rev. DuBois put together for the President, […]

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Americans turn out to be moderate and “practical”

A fascinating NBC-Esquire poll recently took a good look at a section of America that is often lost in the overheated partisan debate on cable news. The poll found that a majority of Americans have many shared beliefs – the majority of the middle rejects gun control, but supports raising taxes on millionaires.   Overall, the […]

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GOP increasingly convinced of climate change (Tea Party aside)

Last Friday, Pew’s Center for the People and Press released a new report of partisan attitudes towards climate change, showing an increase of Republican belief that climate change is real – except for within the most conservative faction of the GOP, the Tea Party.   The results from the poll show that agreement with the […]

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Is Communicating Scientific Consensus Persuasive?

This podcast is an in-depth conversation between two researchers who have looked at how facts and beliefs interact when it comes to communicating climate science consensus – and gives some insight into group behavior as well.   One of the researchers, Dr. Dan Kahan of Yale University, discusses his findings that the delivery of facts […]

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What Climate Change Means to the NAACP

In this Grist interview, Jacqui Patterson, director of the NAACP’s environmental and climate justice program, discusses some notable progress on climate change solutions relevant to the NAACP’s broader agenda. Jacqui notes that, so far, the biggest wins in terms of communities of color have been the campaigns to shut down coal plants and strengthening the […]

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