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3 Reasons to be Hopeful About Mayoral Climate Supergroups

Confused about all the Mayoral coalitions and partnerships aimed at local climate solutions?   You’re not alone.   Just last week, two powerful new coalitions aimed at supporting mayors in the U.S. and across the globe were unveiled, bringing together more powerful voices in the movement for local climate solutions.   But this is cause […]

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San Diego Putting Its Money Where Its Mouth Is – But Will It Walk the Talk?

Mere months after releasing one of the country’s most ambitious climate action plans, San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer announced a “down payment” of $127 million in spending to implement the measures laid out in the new policy.   In the world of local climate action plans, it is rare for a mayor to provide as […]

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Why Mayors Are Crucial to Climate Action

This was an important week for mayors and climate. Three seemingly unrelated climate stories reveal a stark picture of the increasingly urgent call to action facing U.S. mayors. As the leaders most responsible for preventing climate risk and dealing with the consequences of climate impacts, mayors are on the front lines of climate action.   […]

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How Small Moments Can Add Up to Saving the World

“Dad, what do you do for a job?”   As parents, we often get this question from our children. For me, as a long-time professional environmental campaigner and policy hack, the answer has never been easy. The issues I have worked to address and solve – from energy use and efficiency, to climate change and […]

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Lights, Climate, Action! Why Los Angeles is Ready for Its Close-up

Los Angeles has a well-deserved reputation as a trendsetting city, a place that sets the standard on style, fashion, art, and music. At the center of all this influence is Hollywood and the film industry.   Some of the most iconic and reoccurring imagery in film features the warm yellow glow of streetlights in the […]

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MRCTI Proclamation

Why 14 Mississippi River Mayors Signed a Proclamation Pledging to Reduce Climate Risks

When they signed the Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative’s Path to Positive Proclamation in Dubuque, IA, on September 18, 14 U.S. mayors made a historic commitment to take action to reduce climate risks and protect the future of their communities.   Interestingly, these leaders were not the “usual suspect” mayors from big, coastal cities […]

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60 Mayors Meet at Vatican to Discuss Climate Change

How Pope Francis Increased the Spotlight on Local Climate Leadership

A delegation of U.S. mayors and other elected leaders visited the Vatican on July 22 for an audience with Pope Francis. A part of a contingent of 60 worldwide leaders, the mayors of New Orleans, New York, Minneapolis, Boston, Portland, San Francisco, Boston, and others attended a conference hosted by the Pope, where they were […]

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State of California Treasurer John Chiang

Path To Positive: Los Angeles Launches At L.A. City Hall

California Leaders Gathered To Discuss Climate Change Solutions   A standing-room only crowd assembled in the Tom Bradley Room of Los Angeles City Hall on Thursday, June 25, for the launch of “Path to Positive: Los Angeles—Leveraging Regional Action for Global Impact on Climate Solutions,” an initiative jointly organized by the nonprofits Climate Resolve and […]

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Beyond the People in the Room: How to Engage a Broader Audience on Climate Issues

One of my favorite parts of my job is traveling to different cities and towns across America and giving workshops about climate communications. Not only do I have the opportunity to meet extraordinary people working in local government and business who are passionate about climate change, but I get to witness firsthand the work local […]

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National Adaptation Forum

Upcoming Workshop: Rethinking Your Notions About Effective Climate Messaging

The National Adaptation Forum (NAF) will convene its second national convention in St. Louis, MO, from May 11 to 14, 2015.   Every other year, this forum gathers the growing adaptation community together to “foster knowledge exchange, innovation, and mutual support for a better tomorrow.” The 1,000 climate adaptation practitioners that are expected to attend […]

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