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Climate’s Newest Impact? Time in the Great Outdoors

Climate change is impacting temperature patterns, growing seasons, extreme weather, and even mental health. But new research suggests that it may also impact the amount and quality of time that children can spend in the great outdoors. The research, produced by the National Wildlife Federation and featured in The Huffington Post, suggests that the main […]

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New Effort Will Promote Pro-Climate GOP Candidates

A new effort will help to lift up Republican candidates who are strong on climate change, according to a new article in Politico. The new campaign, which is worth more than seven figures, is part of a larger effort to identify partners in the GOP who will champion climate solutions. The group has already announced that it will support Rep. Chris […]

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A New Approach to Communicating Climate Change

Recent efforts to rally support for climate solutions often link climate change to issues that matters to people’s everyday lives, like health, faith, or jobs. The most effective efforts, however, go beyond just connecting climate to issues to matter to constituents. Rather, they put climate change into an entirely different set of words and frames that […]

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New MIT Study Makes the Health Case for Climate Solutions That Much Stronger

ecoAmerica research indicates that emphasizing the benefits of acting on climate is critical to building support for solutions. New research from MIT recently featured by Greenwire may make that just a little bit easier. MIT researchers found that the health benefits of common climate policies offset between 26 and 1,050 percent of their cost. The study, […]

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What Emotions Motivate Action on Climate Change?

Effective climate communicators understand that emotion plays a key role in motivating action. What many communicators want to know, however, is which specific emotions they should try to evoke to motivate action on climate change. New research by the Yale Project on Climate Change Communication recently featured by Big Think, however, may help to answer this question. Researchers […]

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Picking the Right Words to Talk About Climate Change

Should we talk about “climate change” or “global warming”? Increases in emissions, or changes in global mean temperatures? Or do these choices even matter? In a recent blog post, communications strategist Jeremy Porter argues that what matters most for public engagement is not whether we talk about “climate change” or “global warming,” but whether or not we […]

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Study Reveals Bias in Media Coverage Toward Scientists Who Deny Climate Change 

A new study reveals that media coverage of climate change is heavily biased toward climate deniers. The study, which was recently featured by Climate Progress, shows that scientists who deny climate change are significantly more likely to receive frequent media attention than those who agree with the scientific consensus that climate change is real and human-caused: 30 percent […]

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Climate Change’s Newest Public Ambassadors? Nurses

As the climate changes, nurses have been on the frontlines seeing the health impacts of extreme weather, increased allergens and asthma rates, increasing vector ranges, and the resultant strain on our healthcare infrastructure. There are over three million nurses in the U.S., working in a variety of settings including communities, schools, workplaces, and health care […]

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