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How to Connect With Americans on Climate Change: New ecoAmerica/CRED Guide Tells All

ecoAmerica and the Center for Research on Environmental Decisions (CRED) at Columbia University are proud to announce the release of their new communications guide, Connecting on Climate: A Guide to Effective Climate Change Communication. The guide explains how anyone, from religious leaders, to healthcare professionals, businesspeople, community leaders, journalists, scientists, educators, policymakers, and other interested […]

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Cities and Businesses: Unlikely Allies in Advancing Climate Solutions

Usually, we hear about how one isolated sector is responding to climate change, like how higher education institutions are seizing opportunities for hands-on learning, or how the healthcare sector is starting to make the case for climate action. But far less common are stories about how sectors are working together to respond to climate change. […]

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More and More Churches Divest, Fueling the Moral Dimension of Climate Change

An increasing number of churches and religious organizations around the world are taking steps to divest their holdings in fossil fuels, according to a recent article in The New York Times. These organizations are part of a larger international effort to divest from fossil fuels, which so far includes more than $50 billion in assets. But religious […]

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U.S. Military Report: Uncertainty ‘Cannot Be an Excuse for Delaying Action’ on Climate

It’s no secret that the military has climate change on its radar. But a new report released Monday indicates that the Department of Defense is doubling down on its strategies and plans to respond to climate change. The report, which was recently featured in Newsweek, lays out a comprehensive roadmap that identifies how climate change will affect military […]

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Millennials: Climate-Friendly, But Definitely Not ‘Environmentalists’

Recent trends show that millennials will form a key part of climate solutions in the United States. They’re more likely to live in cities, more interested in multi-modal, low-carbon transportation, and tend to eat less meat. But millennials are also less likely to call themselves environmentalists, explains a recent story from NPR. The reason? The […]

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Why Climate Change Should Be Part of Every Parent’s Job Description

Eight years ago, San Francisco parent Lisa Hoyos realized something extraordinary. The climate impacts she heard about in the news weren’t just going to happen at some distant point in the future. They were going to happen when her two sons, one four months old and the other three years, were in their late 20s. This awakening led Hoyos, to […]

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Climate Change, Aspirational Marketing, and Helping People Live Their Dreams

Climate communicators often fall into the trap of trying to convert their target audience into environmental advocates. But as an article from Fast Company explains, advocates will never be more than 20% of the population. Instead of focusing their energy on changing people, then, climate communicators may want to take a page from marketers’ books and focus on helping people achieve their goals […]

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Finding the Right Frames for Climate Change

Many climate advocates now understand the value of taking a solutions-based approach to communicating about climate change. But just talking about solutions may not be enough. Advocates also need to take into account a suite of subtleties surrounding framing and word choice when they craft their solutions-based message, says Meredith Herr in a recent Climate […]

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The Conservative Case for a Carbon Tax

Historically, the concept of a carbon tax has been something a nonstarter, given conservatives’ deep-seated antipathy to the idea of raising taxes. But that could change, if conservatives come to see why a carbon tax may not be so antithetical to their values after all. In a recent op ed, thinktank director Ian Adam outlines a rationale for why conservatives […]

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5 Key Takeaways From Climate Week NYC

Just over a week ago, thousands of leaders gathered in New York City for a week of events organized in support of the UN Climate Summit. In a recent op ed for The Huffington Post, Edelman executive Lisa Manley distills the week’s activities into five key insights that will drive the climate conversation moving forward.   1) […]

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