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On Climate Change, It’s a Matter of Trust

Who do Americans trust for information about climate change – scientists and political leaders, or their neighbors, doctors, and religious leaders?   A newly published article co-authored by ecoAmerica President Bob Perkowitz, ecoAmerica’s Chief Engagement Officer Meighen Speiser, and Social Psychologist Dr. David Sleeth-Keppler examines that question in depth. The paper, titled It’s a Matter […]

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Connecting with Trump on Climate

Donald Trump can make history on climate change – either by reversing years of steady progress, or by moving us forward to a new energy future that accomplishes what he seeks to do with American economic growth and at the same time moves us forward on climate solutions.   All indications are that he is […]

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Thoughts on the Election – and Where We Go From Here

12 minutes ago, as I started writing this… it was reported that Hillary Clinton conceded the election to Donald Trump.   We should no longer have to argue, as we know and have always said, that people say what they think they are supposed to say in polls, that they decide in tribes, and that […]

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Coming Together on Climate Solutions – Notes From the 6th American Climate Leadership Summit

Over the past few years we have witnessed two watershed trends in the movement for effective climate solutions: on one hand, historic progress has been made at the international level with multinational pacts such as the Paris Agreement and the binational agreements between the United States and China. On the other hand, we’ve seen action […]

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Climate Breakthrough? Emerging Conservative Solutions

It was going to happen sooner or later –Republicans are starting to talk about conservative solutions to climate change. The dithering in denial is ending. During the last week of 2015, the Republican-controlled Congress passed a bill authorizing very significant extensions of the solar and wind tax credits, and now there’s this…   On the […]

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Denier, Doubter, Believer, Advocate: Charting a New Path Forward on Climate Solutions in America

Americans agree that we disagree about climate change. It’s a minefield of political, technical, economic, and social conflict. We prefer not to talk about it. The implications are uncomfortable, and there’s a better chance for argument than helpful discussion. In fact, climate change is now the most divisive issue in America, more than abortion or […]

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Further Evidence that Good Climate Policy Works – and Grows the Economy

Here at ecoAmerica we emphasize climate solutions in a big way because our research (American Climate Values 2014) says it’s necessary for people to understand that solutions exist in order to engage them on the issue. The general media covers climate change mostly from a scientific debate and political conflict frame, so most people either […]

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How San Diego Is Getting Climate Right

For many people, “getting” climate change is an epiphany. They’ve been in doubt or denial for years. Then, all of a sudden – wham – it hits them. They realize that the seasons and weather they around them really are changing. They confront a new reality for the first time: we have a big problem […]

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Switching Gears Towards Climate Solutions

While we’ve been busy working on technical and policy solutions for climate change in earnest for well over a decade, the work on building public support for solutions has lagged well behind.   Stories like the one below (Climate Change is Putting World at Risk of Irreversible Changes…) are motivating to some of us, but […]

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Collective Action on Climate

Lack of public support is typically cited as a primary reason for the failure of domestic climate legislation in 2009, which in turn undermined international agreements. In this analysis, aligned environmental NGOs were unable to overcome the financial, lobbying and marketing prowess of the fossil fuels industry. The outcome? We continue to unabatedly burn fossil […]

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