Climate News: Top Stories for the Week of Feb. 4-10

Every Friday, we round up the most interesting and insightful climate stories from the week. Check in to learn about major developments, new findings, and effective strategies for communicating about and addressing climate change.
Citing Scott Pruitt’s rejection of climate science and lack of interest in enforcing environmental laws, nearly 450 former EPA workers signed an open letter expressing their concerns.

Former EPA Workers Announce Opposition to Scott Pruitt as Head of Agency (Business Insider)

And it appears half or a majority of Trump voters think climate change is happening and support a variety of climate and clean energy programs, according to a new report from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communications.

Trump Voters & Global Warming

A group of prominent conservatives, including former secretary of state James Baker and former Treasury secretaries Henry Paulson Jr. and George Shultz, contributed to this op-ed arguing for imposing a nationwide carbon tax, and returning the proceeds to the American people.

A Conservative Case for Climate Action (NY Times)

A number of environmental groups, including The Nature Conservancy, announced their support of the proposal.

We Applaud Proposed Conservative Case for Addressing Climate Change (Mark Tercek via Huffington Post)

However, some climate justice advocates worry that putting a price on carbon will make certain communities even more polluted.

Is California Climate Law Worsening Pollution in Communities of Color? (KPCC)

On the clean energy front, a new report from Bloomberg New Energy Finance and the Business Council for Sustainable Energy found that new additions to the grid from renewable sources last year far surpassed new fossil fuel additions.

Renewable Energy Continues to Beat Fossil Fuels (TIME)

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  1. Hey – You need to look at the details. The conservative/Republican plan for addressing climate change mentioned above cancels the Clean Power Plan and removes all other authority from the EPA to regulate greenhouse gas emissions (CO2). My guess is that the Republican controlled congress and White House, if they pay any attention at all, will enact those part and maybe a tax that’s half of what these folks are recommending… which will not make an impact on the problem at all… just hurt us and the EPA.

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