Climate News: Top Stories for the Week of Dec 31-Jan 6

Every Friday, we round up the most interesting and insightful climate stories from the week. Check in to learn about major achievements, new findings, and effective strategies for motivating action.
Seeing Greenland’s melting glaciers with his own eyes turned this scientist from climate doubter to believer.

With Enough Evidence, Even Skepticism Will Thaw (The Washington Post)


A new ad campaign urges senators to consider Scott Pruitt’s history of fighting regulations on toxic air pollutants.

“Clean Air Moms” Launch Six-figure Campaign Against EPA Nominee (The Hill)


Tesla Motors’ massive new factory east of Reno, NV has begun producing lithium-ion battery cells – and is slated to employ 10,000 workers.

Tesla Giant Desert Gigafactory Rumbles to Life (USA TODAY)


From Ohio to North Carolina, the idea of turning landfills into solar farms is catching on.

Landfills as Solar Farms? Cuyahoga County Identifying Sites That Could Be Evaluated for Just That Purpose (Cleveland Plain Dealer)
Solar Farm Approved for Long-closed Site of Charlotte Dump (Winston-Salem Journal)

Independent scientists have confirmed a 2015 NOAA analysis debunking the so-called “hiatus” in global warming.

No Pause in Ocean Warming (Scientific American)


Just how serious will the consequences of U.S backsliding on climate be? It depends on how long it lasts – and whether or not other nations follow suit.

Scientists Just Ran the Numbers on How Much Trump Could Damage the Planet (Washington Post)

2016 was the hottest year in recorded history, marking the third straight year of record-breaking temperatures.

2016 to Break Heat Record, Challenging Climate Change Skeptics (Mercury News)


The frequency of climate-based weather events keeps on mounting.

U.S. Had More Floods in 2016 Than Any Year on Record (USA TODAY)

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