Climate News: Top Stories for the Week of Dec. 24-29

Rick Bowmer/AP

Solar and wind power costs are now competitive with coal and natural gas – making renewables an increasingly viable option for businesses and investors.

Green Energy Can Increasingly Match – or Beat – Fossil Fuel Prices, Report Says (Christian Science Monitor)

When people are presented with facts that contradict their worldview, it can make them hold even more tightly to their opinions. Here are 6 ways to bridge the gap.

How to Convince Someone When Facts Fail (Scientific American)

Six Democratic senators asked Scott Pruitt to list his connections to energy companies in order to determine whether those ties will influence his ability to run the agency.

Senators Ask Trump EPA Chief Pick to Disclose Energy Industry Ties (Reuters)

Ohio Governor John Kasich vetoed a freeze on renewable energy standards in the state, arguing that keeping the standards would boost the local economy. 

Kasich Breaks with GOP, Keeps Renewable Energy Standards (USA TODAY)

Attorneys General from 19 states sent a letter to President-elect Trump, expressing their support of the Clean Power Plan and warning that an executive order withdrawing the plan would be “ill-conceived and contrary to law.”

Withdrawing Obama Climate Plan Would ‘Lead to More Litigation,’ AGs Warn Trump (Washington Post)

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