18 State Attorneys General Form Historic Coalition to Defend Clean Power Plan

blog-AGs support Clean Power Plan-4.1.16Earlier this week, the Obama Administration fought back against opponents of the Clean Power Plan, filing a brief with the D.C. Circuit Court that called the plan “eminently reasonable.” The following day, attorneys general from 18 states and the District of Columbia announced their support of the plan, telling the court that “the rule properly incorporates and relies on existing trends and industry strategies.”
This action by the state AGs is part of a larger and unprecedented state-based effort to fight climate change. States in the coalition have worked together on a variety of issues, including investigations into wrongdoing by fossil fuel companies and calls for federal controls on methane emissions. State governors have also joined together to commit to a clean energy future. And many states are moving forward on compliance with the Clean Power Plan, despite the Supreme Court stay and industry group opposition.
As New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman put it, “With gridlock and dysfunction gripping Washington, it is up to the states to lead on the generation-defining issue of climate change.”

States Defend EPA’s ‘Reasonable’ Power Plant Rule

By Devin Henry, contributor to The Hill
State attorneys general supporting a major Obama administration climate rule told a federal court Tuesday that regulators have exercised their “reasonable and legitimate” authority to limit carbon emissions from power plants.
The filing — from 18 states and the District of Columbia — comes as defenders of the Clean Power Plan provide statements to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals promoting the plan’s legality. The attorneys general on the brief have long backed the power plan, which looks to slash greenhouse gas emissions from power plants around the country.
The filing comes after the Department of Justice on Monday defended the rule as an “eminently reasonable exercise of [the Environmental Protection Agency’s] recognized statutory authority” that will “achieve cost-effective [carbon dioxide] reductions from an industry that has already demonstrated its ability to comply with robust pollution-control standards through the same measures and flexible approaches.”
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