Governors From 17 States Commit to a Clean Energy Future

blog-governors sign clean energy pact-2.19.16The transition to a low-carbon economy in America seems more inevitable every day. This week, a bipartisan coalition of governors from 17 states pledged to expand clean energy, update grids to integrate wind and solar generation, and reduce carbon emissions from transport. As The Guardian reports here, the accord states that the U.S. must “embrace a bold vision of the nation’s energy future.”
Bipartisan support for clean energy is increasing in Congress as well, but resistance still remains. In the meantime, states are proceeding on their own. Nevada’s Republican governor, Brian Sandoval, says it’s important to create new clean energy jobs in the state. New York governor Andrew Cuomo says he thinks the coalition can “develop an effective national energy policy to ensure a safer, greener and more sustainable future for all.”
The status quo on energy is changing – clean energy is in, and fossil fuels are on the way out. As Americans see the low-carbon economy becoming a reality, and as they begin to enjoy the benefits of climate solutions, they’ll accept the new system as an established fact – and climate action as the only sensible way forward.

Coalition of U.S. States Pledge to Accelerate Renewable Energy Efforts

By Oliver Milman, contributor to The Guardian
Bipartisan accord signed by governors of 17 states sets out commitments to expand energy efficiency and use more solar and wind generation for electricity
A bipartisan group of governors from 17 states has pledged to accelerate their efforts to create a green economy in the U.S. by boosting renewables, building better electricity grids and cutting emissions from transport.
An accord signed by the governors states that the U.S. must “embrace a bold vision of the nation’s energy future” by reducing emissions, transitioning to clean energy sources and ensuring that infrastructure isn’t risked by extreme weather events such as floods and wildfires.
The agreement sets out commitments to expand renewable energy and energy efficiency and integrate solar and wind generation into electricity grids. These grids will be “modernized”, the accord states, to improve energy reliability.
Companies that offer electric vehicles or vehicles that run on alternative fuels such as hydrogen or natural gas will be provided incentives and help with infrastructure in the 17 states. New standards and benchmarks for energy efficiency and renewables will also be set.
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Photo credit: Xinhua/Barcroft Media

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