How Collaboration Can Make Climate Solutions Smarter

blog-collaboration-1.19.15One challenge we face as climate communicators is the misperception that climate solutions require sacrifice. In reality, climate solutions present opportunities to create a better world – not only for people, but also for wildlife.
As David Yarnold, President of the National Audubon Society (and ecoAmerica board member) points out here, it’s possible to develop ambitious clean energy projects and preserve iconic landscapes at the same time. The key is collaboration.

When new energy infrastructure threatened the habitat of the greater sage-grouse (and the 350 other species that share its ecosystem), conservation groups, landowners, government agencies, and industries across 11 Western states came together to coordinate a plan that would protect the most critical areas. Development can now go forward in a way that benefits all stakeholders and provides a road map for future projects.
Through multi-sector leadership and online resources that enable smarter energy siting, we can meet our goals with thoughtfulness and efficiency as well as urgency.

Why Each of Us Can Make a Difference in the Clean Energy Future

By David Yarnold, contributor to The Huffington Post
As the need for renewable energy becomes more pressing, some of the fiercest duels in the West are now being fought over where to put power lines, wind turbines, solar farms and other needed energy development projects. There is so much at stake in the beautiful landscapes of a place like Colorado that we must be careful to strike the right balance in siting these types of infrastructure.
Thankfully, advocates for conservation and a commonsense approach to development now have a whole new range of tools to use in finding the best places for clean energy projects – tools they can access from their laptops and smartphones.
Smarter energy siting is the goal. That means more efficient projects that don’t waste money while preserving iconic landscapes that birds and other wildlife call home.
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