New Research: 4 Top Messages for Strengthening Support for Climate Solutions

blog-4 Key Themes-11.14.15Last week, we released our latest research report, Let’s Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate Americans. Along with Lake Research Partners, ASO Communications, and the Natural Resources Defense Council, ecoAmerica has developed market-tested messages designed to engage Americans on climate solutions.
Our research revealed four clear communication themes that help link climate change to mainstream American values and concerns. These 4 messages are:
Paint the future: Imagine a world with plentiful public transit, locally made clean energy from the wind and sun, and locally grown food. The choice is ours to make. Instead of blame or gloom, this message creates a positive visual picture of what a clean-energy future could look like. It positions solutions as an investment without sacrifice, and promotes the personal, accessible benefits of climate action.
Pride in the next big thing: America has always been a yes-we-can kind of place. Today, the next big thing is clean energy. This message employs pride in America innovation and the value of independence. We can lead again with clean-energy solutions that will create a cleaner, safer, and better world.
For the children: We all want to leave future generations a healthy place to raise their families. This message projects the strong moral values of protecting our children and loved ones, and relates climate action to the responsibility to care for future generations.
Inevitability: A clean energy economy and world aren’t a question of “if” but “when.” This message explains that we have the opportunity to choose affordable clean energy now, and the sooner we embrace it, the greater the cost and health benefits will be.
The report goes on to describe several thematic messages designed to help leaders in various fields engage members of their “tribes.” To learn specific language for the health, communities, business, faith, and higher education sectors, download the report today.

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