New Research: Messages to Help You Start a New Conversation on Climate

blog-Let's Talk Climate-11.16.15Did you know that 71% of Americans believe that climate change is happening, but 68% believe that it’s risky to admit their view on the issue if different from their friends and family? Why aren’t Americans talking about climate change? Might it be because we’ve been talking about it in ways that seem risky, scary, or irrelevant? It’s clear, it’s time to start a new conversation.
ecoAmerica conducted research to find new and motivating ways to talk about climate change, and is pleased to offer you:
Let’s Talk Climate: Messages to Motivate Americans
1. ecoAmerica’s newest research offers valuable guidance for anyone wanting to successfully communicate on climate change.
2. It delivers rigorously tested words, phrases, and narratives on climate change that motivate Americans across political and demographic groups on solutions.
3. The findings include research learnings, tips for application, and what to avoid.
4. The report offers emotionally resonant messages applicable to all Americans plus thematic messages that tap into American priorities and affiliations on health, faith, communities, higher education, and business.
5. It delivers fresh, emotionally relevant findings that shift the climate conversation from doom and gloom to hope and motivation.
Nov. 20th Report Insights Webinar
Please join us for our upcoming webinar on Friday Nov. 20 from 12 – 1pm EST / 9 – 10am PST. Our team will present the research findings and highlight key words, phrases, and narratives effective for climate change communication. Space is limited – register here to reserve your spot!
Away from your desk tomorrow? That’s OK! Register and we will email you the recorded webinar after the live event.

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