University of California Announces 10 Solutions for Fighting Climate Change on a Global Scale

Carbon Neutrality InitiativeClimate solutions can come from any sector – especially when the best minds within a sector put their talents to the task. This week, researchers at the University of California issued a report presenting 10 practical solutions that can address climate change both in the short-term and long-term. The report emphasizes that the effects of climate change are already being felt, and that we already have the tools necessary to slow global warming. The report also acknowledges that climate change is a moral and societal as well as a technical challenge – the researchers urge collaboration between the higher ed, faith, and community sectors to create a culture of climate action.
Very briefly, here are the 10 solutions:
1. Start slowing global warming immediately by replacing fossil-fueled energy with carbon neutral systems.
2. Foster a global culture of climate action through coordinated local and global communication.
3. Design venues where religious, community, and academic leaders can converge around concrete climate issues.
4. Scale up subnational models of governance to energize national and international action.
5. Create efficient, market-based incentives for businesses and individuals to reduce their carbon emissions.
6. Target direct regulatory efforts at high-emission sectors not covered by market-based policies.
7. Promote immediate, widespread use of existing clean energy technologies such as solar panels and wind turbines.
8. Aggressively support and promote innovations to improve energy efficiency and energy storage.
9. Make immediate, maximum use of available technologies and regulations to reduce methane emissions by 50 percent and black carbon emissions by 90 percent.
10. Improve natural carbon storage by regenerating damaged ecosystems, restoring forests and soil, and reducing food waste.
As renowned atmospheric scientist V. Ramanathan points out in the video below, many of these solutions are already being enacted in California – the state can serve as “a beacon for the nation and for the planet to follow.” Governor Brown expressed his belief that UC’s solutions could help shape negotiations at the Paris climate conference in December.

UC Researchers Present 10 Scalable Solutions for Climate Change

Andy Murdock, UC Newsroom
University of California climate experts today (Oct. 27) announced 10 scalable solutions for moving the world towards carbon neutrality, a practical framework that outlines both immediate and longer-term actions for staving off catastrophic climate change.
Gov. Jerry Brown, who joined UC President Janet Napolitano at the UC Carbon and Climate Neutrality Summit at UC San Diego, said the solutions from the UC Climate Solutions Group could help shape talks among global leaders at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change in Paris this November.
“This is a call to action. If we put all our best minds together in California with the research integrity and capacity of the University of California, that is a very formidable force, and nothing less than that is required,” said Brown.

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