Governors, Take Note: 7 out of 10 Voters Support Compliance With the Clean Power Plan

Support for Clean Power PlanWe’ve mentioned several times over the past weeks how the EPA’s Clean Power Plan will boost the economy and improve public health – and it appears voters are getting the message. A new survey by the League of Conservation Voters found that 70 percent of voters across the country want their states to implement the plan. As Think Progress reports, this opinion crosses party lines, with 58 percent of Republicans saying they favor compliance with the guidelines.
If states don’t create their own implementation plan, the EPA will provide one for them. But voluntary compliance will allow states to take advantage of renewable energy opportunities and the cost benefits of greater energy efficiency. Since the poll also found overwhelming support for wind and solar power and energy efficiency programs, governors should be paying attention.

7 Out Of 10 Americans Want Their States To Comply With The EPA’s Climate Plan

By Samantha Page, contributor to Think Progress
Americans support the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan by a margin of nearly two to one, a new poll from the League of Conservation Voters found.
Despite the rhetoric from some Republican governors, 70 percent of Americans want their states to develop plans to meet the EPA’s guidelines. Carbon emissions from power plants will be regulated for the first time under the EPA plan, finalized earlier this month.
“It is good news that support for the Clean Power Plan remains strong, but it’s especially good news to see that Americans want their governors on board with the plan too,” League of Conservation Voters President Gene Karpinski said in a statement. “State leaders who are choosing to fight these carbon pollution safeguards would do well to listen to their constituents instead of the polluters.”
According to the poll, conducted for the League of Conservation Voters by Hart Research, supporters of the plan outnumber opponents pretty much across the board.
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