Is Climate Skepticism on the Way Out?

blog-climate deniers going extinct-7.As the international climate summit in Paris grows ever nearer, social and political support for climate solutions continues to mount – and climate denial is going the way of the dodo. As this Guardian article explains, there are three main reasons for this shift.
1) People are seeing evidence of climate change with their own eyes. Extreme weather and other impacts are moving the issue from abstract to personal, and making the need for action more urgent.
2) The Pope’s climate message is resonating widely. His encyclical, which made a moral case for climate action, has rallied faith groups and is starting to influence conservative politicians.
3) Climate denial is becoming a liability. As public opinion moves in favor of climate action, politicians and fossil fuel companies can no longer avoid the topic.
These are all very positive signs – now it’s up to us to make sure this momentum continues.

Global Warming Deniers Are an Endangered Species

By Dana Nuccitelli, contributor to the Guardian
At the end of this year there will be a critically important international climate change conference in Paris. At this conference, nations will attempt to reach an agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and slow global warming.
Over the past few months there’s been a flood of big climate-related news, most of which will help build support and pressure for a strong agreement to curb global warming at the Paris conference. The political and social climate is shifting, and those in denial about human-caused climate change are struggling to adapt.
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