3 Ways to Improve Your Climate Conversations

climate conversationAs climate communicators, our goal is to get other people to care about the issue as much as we do. However, starting and maintaining a productive conversation can be challenging. This article from the 10:10 climate change campaign points out some reasons why – people may change the subject, or get defensive, or you end up going in circles debating some minor point.
Rather than trying to convince people, the author suggests adopting the role of moderator, and letting your audience explore the issue on their own terms. He offers three main tips:
1) Choose the right time and place for the conversation. Make sure you’re both in a positive mood, and don’t put the other person in an awkward spot.
2) Take time to listen, let them know they are being heard, and resist the urge to argue.
3) Instead of being the one with all the answers, ask questions and give the other person space to think about solutions.
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Why Your Climate Conversations Always Go Wrong, and How to Make Them Better

Malachi Chadwick, Content and Community Manager at 10:10
Want to be more persuasive? Stop trying to persuade people.
When’s the last time you had a conversation about climate change?
Not just a passing mention: a real conversation – a rich, lively exchange of stories and ideas, hopes and fears, convictions, predictions and interpretations?
If the answer is never, you’re not alone. Despite reporting high levels of concern about climate change, most people in the UK don’t talk about it for more than 10 minutes at a time. 40% of us don’t talk about it at all.
When people who care about something keep quiet about it, you start seeing stuff like this:
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Image credit: Clare Bell/Flickr

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