This Fourth of July, Celebrate Freedom From Fossil Fuels

growth of renewablesAs we celebrate our nation’s independence this weekend, let’s celebrate another type of freedom, one that’s spreading rapidly across the land: independence from fossil fuels. As the infographic below illustrates, the advance of clean energy in America is far surpassing expectations. Last year, wind and solar generated enough electricity to power 18.4 million homes.
The infographic focuses on two of the country’s biggest success stories: solar power in California and wind power in Texas. But there are other clean energy movements happening all over the U.S., from wind projects that are transforming rural communities to tech giants who are pledging to power their operations with 100 percent renewable energy. Through publicly run Community Choice Aggregation programs, states and cities can choose to get their energy from renewable sources and help shift the market. The clean energy revolution is upon us, and we all stand to win.

Infographic: How Renewables Are Thriving in the US Thanks to State Policies

Kristine Lofgren, contributor to the Inhabitat blog
Things are looking up for clean energy in the U.S. thanks to state programs and policies. Clean Energy States Alliance (CESA), a national nonprofit coalition working to advance clean energy, released a new report titled Clean Energy Champions: The Importance of State Programs and Policies, creating this infographic to highlight achievements in the wind and solar sector. Check it out to learn about the wind and solar leaders and how they are changing the face of clean energy.

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