Announcing the Launch of America Knows How, Our New MomentUs Business Initiative

America Knows How Executive CommitteeThe America Knows How Executive Committee is pleased to announce the launch today of its new national program, America Knows How. This program invites and supports heads of business associations, executives of companies, and other business leaders to lead by example and engage their staff, stakeholders, and industry peers in building mainstream support for climate solutions in America.
The America Knows How Executive Committee, comprised of 10 esteemed business leaders from around the country who are passionate about climate issues, believes that businesses have the power to lead society on climate change today. We feel now is the time for business to leverage our collective leadership on climate change within our communities and the nation.
Business leaders in the U.S. are looking beyond the bottom line and maximizing the benefits and opportunities that climate solutions present to their companies. Addressing climate change has broad advantages, including helping companies reduce energy use, streamline supply chains, and create new value for customers. America needs this business leadership and know-how to bring about climate solutions at scale, and move our economy forward.
Through the America Knows How program and website, business leaders now have access to a national network, and a plethora of useful tools and resources for communications, engagement and operations that have never before been available. All resources are designed to align with business priorities and values. They can be helpful to any leader, particularly those who have not previously engaged in climate change.
America Knows How also connects business leaders with like-minded leaders in the faith, health, higher education, and communities sectors through the MomentUs initiative. This helps enable cross-sector collaboration with leaders who align on shared vision, principles, and commitment to climate solutions.
We invite all business leaders nationwide to join us to:
• Use our talking points to help you effectively communicate on climate change so that you can comfortably and confidently lead a climate conversation while welcoming an open exchange.
• Get support from a strong nationwide network of business leaders who are also committed to making a difference through America Knows How.
• Be informed with social science and communications research that makes your engagement efforts more productive and cost-effective.
• Receive tools and resources to help you make an impact and inspire your employees and customers to get involved with climate solutions.
• Make progress more rapidly with guidance and pre-selected materials, including success stories from business leaders who are advancing climate solutions in their companies and communities to provide you with ideas and inspiration.
We’ll make it easier to collaborate with others and learn from your peers about how they are implementing sustainability programs. 
Here is how to join America Knows How:
1. Visit and click “JOIN NOW.”
2. Complete the online form and review the Path to Positive commitment.
3. Enjoy immediate access to free tools and resources to get started.
Lita Reyes, Director, America Knows How and the America Knows How Executive Committee:
• Geeta Aiyer, CFA, President/Founder,Boston Common Asset Management
• Aimée Christensen, Founder and CEO, Christensen Global Strategies, LLC
• Danny Kennedy, Co-founder, Sungevity
• David Levine, Co-founder and CEO, American Sustainable Business Council
• Norris Lozano, CEO, BusinessUS
• Mindy Lubber, President and CEO, Ceres
• Lisa Manley, EVP, Business + Social Purpose, Edelman
• Leah Seligman, Chief Sustainability Officer, NRG Energy
• Bill Weihl, Manager of Energy Efficiency, A Significant Social Media Company
• Andrew Winston, CEO, Author, and Consultant, Winston Eco-Strategies, LLC

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