How the World Wildlife Fund Is Helping Apple Go Even Greener

Apple sustainability initiativeTech giant Apple already gets high marks for sustainability – Greenpeace’s 2015 Click Clean Report, released this week, named it the greenest tech company in the world. But Apple isn’t stopping there. As ClimateProgress reports, the company recently announced a new goal of getting 100 percent of the paper for its packaging from sustainably managed forests. To meet this goal, Apple is partnering with the World Wildlife Fund in China, where the bulk of Apple’s manufacturing happens.
“Our hope is this will catalyze a new model of corporate leadership in promoting sustainable forest management and using paper resources more efficiently and responsibly around the world,” said Lo Sze Ping, CEO for WWF China.
Apple also announced its plan to power its entire supply chain with renewable energy, and is partnering with U.S. solar manufacturer SunPower to build two solar farms in southern China. These are great examples of how businesses can collaborate within and across sectors to achieve their sustainability goals.
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Apple Makes Huge Commitment To Sustainability

Ari Phillips, reporter for
Apple is a technology company, and it takes a lot of paper to package that technology.
On Monday, Apple announced a new initiative with the World Wildlife Fund to help align this forest-driven segment of its global supply chain with its aspirations to be a leader in sustainability and renewable energy production. According to the release, Apple’s goal is to “achieve a net-zero impact on the world’s supply of sustainable virgin fiber” — in other words, it wants to get 100 percent of its paper packaging from renewable sources. A renewable forest is one in which trees are grown and harvested in a sustainable fashion that does not require new forests to be cleared.
The company also announced it wants its supply chain to eventually be entirely powered by renewable energy, a much taller order than the previous objective of powering all of its facilities this way. Currently Apple generates enough renewable energy to power around 87 percent of its worldwide facilities. Including the supply chain will require some 60 times more power to come from renewable sources such as wind, solar, biogas, geothermal, and hydropower.
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