How a 6 Year Old’s Climate Message Got All the Way to the White House (Video)

Noah Gue videoIs climate change impacting us now? Ask 6-year-old Montana resident Noah Gue. Traveling around the state with his dad, a firefighter, and his mom, a wildlife photographer, he has seen the effects of climate change first hand: lack of snow, forests destroyed by fire, and animals under threat of extinction. He was inspired to make a video imploring others to take notice and do something about it. The video was a top-15 finalist in this year’s White House Junior Film Festival (watch it below).
Climate change can seem distant and abstract, but its effects are all around us, if you stop and take a look. Making people aware of the personal and local impacts of climate change and motivating them to action is what good climate communication is all about.

6 Year Old Gets President Obama’s Attention With This Climate Change Video

Cole Mellino, contributor to EcoWatch
With the madness that is the Republican Presidential field and all the news of the Koch Brothers buying elections, it can feel like we will never take meaningful action on climate change. But then, you hear about kids like Noah Gue and you remember that the next generation understands what a bunch of people with advanced degrees claim not to understand.
Gue, a six year old from Montana, traveled around his home state with his parents to document the impacts of climate change on his state. His adorable narration about such a pressing issue landed him a spot as one of 15 finalists in the White House Student Film Festival.
Watch his video here:

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