Celebrating a Milestone in Climate Research: The Third National Climate Assessment Turns One

8400233948_e1ae115761_zOne year ago today, the U. S. Global Change Research Project, in partnership with over 300 experts, released the Third National Climate Assessment (NCA3). This report offered an in-depth look at how climate impacts are affecting and will continue to affect the lives of Americans. It detailed physical changes such as rising seas, broke impacts out by region, and explored how climate change will affect various sectors such as health and agriculture. It also described response strategies, including reducing carbon emissions and adapting to a changing environment.
This assessment set important milestones for understanding vulnerabilities and risks, and helping decision-makers anticipate, prevent, and adapt to climate impacts. But the process didn’t stop there. USGCRP is implementing a policy of sustained assessment that can be more strategic and address evolving needs on an ongoing basis. Look for announcements today from @usgcrp and @whitehouseostp on the sustained assessment process.
To commemorate the anniversary of NCA3, More than Scientists put together a playlist of videos by authors of the assessment. More Than Scientists is an outreach effort from The Climate Change Education Project that helps concerned scientists get the word out about climate change. In these videos, the authors explain why the climate issue is important to them personally. Watch their stories here, or view the one below from MomentUs leader Katharine Hayhoe to get started.

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