New Survey: Oil and Gas Industry Insiders Are Concerned About Climate Change

ossil fuel industry supports climate actionHere’s some news you might not expect – the fossil fuel industry has joined the majority of Americans in expressing support for government action on climate change. In a recent survey of oil and gas industry insiders, nearly 59 percent of respondents said they were extremely or very sure that climate change is happening – only 12 percent said they didn’t believe in it. Almost 76 percent said they felt climate change was very or somewhat serious. And 58 percent said they thought government action on climate change should be a high or very high priority. Of the proposed policy tools they thought would be most effective, 39 percent favored a carbon tax.
Did we mention these were oil and gas industry insiders?
As this post from the Niskanen Center points out, this industry is one of those most likely to be affected by government climate policies, and they nonetheless expressed concern about climate change and support for cutting emissions and putting a price on carbon. If the fossil fuel industry would back a carbon tax, isn’t it time for conservative members of Congress to stop arguing against it?

Oil and Gas Industry Opinions About Climate Change

By Jerry Taylor
My colleague Sarah Hunt pointed out yesterday that public opinion is more supportive of government action against greenhouse gas emissions than conservatives might like to believe. While one might put that in the basket of “Things I Already Know,” another opinion survey from last spring is a bit more interesting. To wit, even oil and gas insiders have been persuaded of the seriousness of climate change risks and the need for government to act.
Warren Business Consulting surveyed 474 of these corporate actors about their opinions on climate change. Their findings?
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