Watch The Viral Video That’s Waking People Up On Climate Change

Prince EaAs climate communicators, we’re always looking for ways to cut through the clutter of daily life and help people see that climate change needs to be addressed here and now. We can take a lesson from rapper Prince Ea. His latest video, posted on Earth Day, apologizes to future generations for the damage we allowed to happen to the planet. Using starkly beautiful visuals, he laments the shortsightedness, corporate greed, and denial behind the destruction. But he ends on an upbeat note, pointing out that the future is still in our hands, and we can change our trajectory if we take action now.
Prince Ea was inspired by visits to Kenya and the Democratic Republic of Congo, where he witnessed deforestation firsthand. His video has clearly resonated, attracting over 50 million views in its first week. By showing climate change from the perspective of the future, he makes viewers stop and think about the impacts of the lifestyle they take for granted. He challenges them to shake off their apathy, and empowers them by giving them a way to take action.
Powerful imagery, personal stories, a focus on solutions – all best practices for creating an effective climate message. (It also helps if you’re a talented musician.) Watch the video below.


Earth Day Goes Viral

Clara Chaisson, contributor to OnEarth magazine
Prince Ea’s letter to future generations will make you want to go save a tree (and then some).

Prince Ea is a musician on a mission. The St. Louis–based rapper uses spoken word to promote social change, and his latest video, Dear Future Generations: Sorry, written for Earth Day’s 45th anniversary, has struck a chord.
Since its first posting on Monday, the video has racked up more than 32.5 million views on Facebook. The piece is an apology letter to the poor suckers who have to inherit the environment we’re currently screwing over with habitat destruction, fossil fuel consumption, and waste.
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  1. Wake up people, human beings! Prince EA has it exactly right. Climate Change is an existential threat to me, to you, to every living thing of this Earth. Yet how much do you hear about this? But nature is not guided by what you care about. It has its laws and they will take us out unless we learn to read its guidebook. That guidebook is called SCIENCE, period.! End of story! Wake up!!! Smell the coffee! While you still can. Dr. Harvard Ayers, Anthropologist. Professor Emeritus. Director of Climate Voices US.

  2. This is a great video and I hope everyone gets to view it. We CAN do our bit to save this planet if we start right now!

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