How the White House and the Health Sector Are Tackling Climate Threats

blog-white house climate initiative-4.8.15As evidence mounts about the impacts of climate change, the need to address it is getting harder to deny – especially when the arguments involve public health. Health professionals and medical schools, in partnership with the Obama administration, are taking steps to tackle the health threats of climate change head on. As this Washington Post article explains, President Obama launched a new initiative yesterday with the goal of highlighting the link between climate and health. The article mentions several other key initiatives and events related to this issue, including a Climate Change and Health Summit to be held at the White House later this spring.
Health is something that affects everyone, regardless of where you live, what you do, or what political party you belong to. Health impacts – like the increases doctors have been seeing in asthma, severe allergies, and insect-borne diseases – are real, immediate, and personal. For this reason, protecting public health may be the most persuasive argument for climate action yet.

White House to Explore How Climate Change Makes You Sick

Juliet Eilperin, contributor to the Washington Post
President Obama is launching an initiative Tuesday aimed at highlighting the connections between climate change and public health, bringing both medical and data experts to the White House this week.
As part of the effort, the White House will hold a Climate Change and Health Summit later this spring, featuring Surgeon General Vivek Murthy. The administration is expanding its Climate Data Initiative, which it launched a year ago, to include more than 150 health-relevant data sets.
“Climate change is posing a threat to more people, in more places, to their public health,” said White House senior adviser Brian Deese in a phone call with reporters Tuesday.
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