Is Political Support for Climate Action on the Rise?

blog-presidential campaign-4.7.15Though more and more Americans say they want clean energy and government action on climate change, will they vote for it in 2016? According to a new Washington Post / ABC News poll, climate may be a growing priority for voters – 59 percent said they favor a presidential candidate who wants to fight climate change, and among those respondents, over 95 percent said they felt the issue was at least “somewhat important” to them. 
However, this is not the only issue that will affect voters’ choices at the ballot box. The economy and national security tend to rank as higher priorities – so we need to help voters understand how climate action will help America financially and make us more secure. It’s encouraging to see that a candidate’s position on climate change matters. But it needs to be a higher priority to ensure climate action wins in 2016.

Voters Want Next President to Favor Climate Policies, Poll Finds

Timothy Cama, Energy and Environment Reporter for The Hill
Most voters want the next president to favor policies to fight climate change, outnumbering those who want a president who opposes such policies by nearly 2-to-1.
The Washington Post-ABC News poll released Friday said that 59 percent want a president who “favors government action to address climate change,” compared with 31 percent who want someone who opposes government action.
The poll matches other recent surveys showing that voters care about fighting climate change and want the government to do something about it.
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