Is “Eliminating Waste” the New “Energy Efficiency”?

Energy MonitoringWhat are people more concerned about – conserving energy, or wasting energy? For many businesses, the idea of eliminating waste is becoming more compelling than the notion of conservation.
According to the article below, companies still care about saving money through greater energy efficiency, but cost is no longer the only motivator. They want to know how to use energy-monitoring data to reduce energy waste. And it’s not only businesses that react strongly to the idea of waste – Americans in general want to be less wasteful in their energy habits. Conserving energy and eliminating waste both have the same positive benefits – but knowing which term is most likely to resonate can make a big difference in inspiring new behaviors.

Energy Waste Worries American Businesses Now

Elisa Wood, Editor at
It used to be pretty easy to predict America’s attitude about energy waste. The billboards everywhere that blare gasoline prices left us buoyed or dismayed about our energy prospects. And we consumed or conserved accordingly.
But something has changed in the American psyche, particularly among businesses. Even though oil and natural gas prices are low, Americans are trying to save energy.
“I would say we haven’t seen any less interest in energy efficiency in our business. We have seen growth,” said David Bonn, vice president, sales & client development at Schneider Electric, one of the nation’s behemoth suppliers of energy efficiency equipment for factories, stores and buildings.
In fact, the nation appears to be on a long-term energy-saving binge. The U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts that energy use will rise a meager 0.4 percent per year, even as GDP grows an average 2.4 percent annually through 2040.
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Image credit: Schneider Electric

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