Al Gore at SXSW: We’re At a Fork in the Road on Climate

Al Gore at SXSWThe South by Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin is all about innovative thinking and bright visions of the future. So it made sense that Al Gore kicked off the event with a speech about the need for increased positive action on climate change. As he noted, the world is at a critical time, with rising temperatures and sea levels posing an ever-greater threat to our safety and security. We’re also at a time of enormous potential for global solutions – but it’s up to us demand an end to the culture of denial and insist that our lawmakers support climate agreements. We have the ability to solve this problem. What we need now is the political will.
Arguably the world’s most iconic and vocal climate advocate, the former Vice President is now the chairman of The Climate Reality Project (one of ecoAmerica’s key partners). This group helps educate the public on climate change and offers ways to spread the word and take action. Climate change affects every single one of us – and there’s never been a more important moment to take a stand.

At South by Southwest, Gore Calls for Price on Climate Change Denial

Tom Risen and Alan Neuhauser, Contributors to U.S. News & World Report
The former vice president says the world is at a ‘fork in the road’ regarding its future.
The U.S. must end its industry of “climate change denial,” former Vice President Al Gore said during a speech Friday kicking off the South by Southwest Interactive Festival, warning about the dangers posed by rising seas and temperatures and calling for increased activism ahead of a crucial U.N. summit later this year.
“We are at a fork in the road … but we can do this, we can win this,” Gore said. “It requires passion from people who can see how bright and promising the future can be.”
Gore, chairman of nonprofit advocacy organization The Climate Reality Project, warned that flooding of cities in France, Italy, Malaysia and the U.S. shows that current infrastructure around the world is not prepared for rising sea levels caused by climate change.
The consequences of this weather shift are “quite extreme,” Gore said, and can lead to everything from natural disasters to increased poverty and unrest in unstable countries. NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration reported that 2014 was the hottest year on record, and a severe drought in California has been linked to the shifting environment.
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  1. Dear Mr. Gore,As a member of the Climate Reality Project and its St. Louis chepatr, I would not miss your Dirty Weather Report . Ever since the early 70 s, I have been connecting the fossil fuel dots from gas lines and skyrocketing prices through pollution and global warming to rising sea levels and climate change. Although it is too late now to avoid the current weather disasters (like SuperStorm Sandy), we may still be able to turn the tide in time to save our species, if we all work together, and quickly! Thank you for your leadership and candor.

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