Divestment: How You Can Help Make Fossil Fuels a Thing of the Past

Global Divestment DayWe’re all familiar with the concept of voting with your wallet – refusing to patronize an establishment or buy a brand whose business practices you find abhorrent. But there’s another approach that may be even more powerful: voting with your portfolio.
As clean energy becomes more affordable and oil prices continue to fall, more and more organizations are divesting from fossil fuels. By taking their money out of those stocks and investment funds, they’re sending a message to oil, gas, and coal companies that they find fossil fuels unethical as well as unprofitable. Churches, universities, and other major institutions have been inspired to divest, and the movement continues to pick up speed.
As The Economist declared recently, the drop in oil prices represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for real energy reform, and this is your chance to be a part of it.
Next Friday, February 13, is Global Divestment Day. Thousands of fossil fuel divestment supporters around the world will take action and raise their voices for a clean energy future. Help make this message resonate loud and clear by joining a Global Divestment Day event or organizing your own action.

Global Divestment Day is February 13

We are standing in a window of opportunity – a once-in-a-generation opportunity to totally overhaul our energy system.
The climate movement is on the rise, people power is beating back extreme energy from New York to Scotland, and renewable energy is cheaper than ever before. At the same time, tumbling oil prices – which conventional wisdom says is bad news for the climate – mean that the vast profits that underpin the fossil fuel industry’s power are on unusually shaky ground.
Suddenly fossil fuels are on the defensive. Suddenly tar sands and fracking don’t look like such hot investments anymore. Respectable, prudent fund managers are seriously considering taking their money out of fossil fuels, and many of them have already done so.
Will you help us seize the moment? On February 13, fossil fuel divestment supporters from around the world will come together with a single message: Fossil fuels are history, and renewable energy is our future.
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