All About Integration: Teaching Businesses the Keys to Sustainability Success

studying sustainabilityOpportunities for sustainability exist in every sector of society, from churches to communities to corporations. But there are also many opportunities for these various sectors to work together.
For example, Colorado State University has created a program to help working professionals implement sustainability initiatives. While many colleges and universities (including CSU) currently offer sustainability degrees, that doesn’t solve the immediate need for qualified professionals. So CSU introduced a new series of credentialed online courses that encourage an integrated approach to sustainable business management.
As this GreenBiz article explains, CSU’s program helps companies plan for growth, find the right person to lead the initiatives, use social science techniques to engage employees in sustainability goals, and build organizational resilience. The strategies they advocate are valuable not just for sustainability efforts, but climate solutions in general. To engage people on climate action, we need to understand what will resonate with them, choose a messenger they trust and respect, and help them set specific targets for eco-friendly behavior.
We should also keep looking for ways to collaborate with other organizations and sectors. Often our goals complement each other – for instance, a city that invests in green spaces, public transit, and other climate solutions is more likely to attract businesses, who in turn will benefit from the city’s response to climate change. To learn more about cross-sector collaboration, check out our MomentUs initiative.

Sustainable Business Can Be Taught: 4 Pillars for Success

April Brown, Contributor to Green Biz
Where there’s a market opening, there’s a rush for qualified talent — and the field of sustainable business is no different.
More universities are offering undergraduate and graduate degrees with a focus on sustainability, but there remains a shortage of qualified professionals to lead and implement strategic sustainability initiatives.
To help working professionals already in the field put all of the pieces together on sustainability strategy, management and organization, Colorado State University’s Institute for the Built Environment has created a series of credentialed online courses in a new Integrated Sustainability Management Program.
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