Our 9 Biggest Milestones of 2014 (and Where We’re Headed in 2015)

Milestones reached2014 was a very big year for climate progress – and a very important year for ecoAmerica. We broadened our scope in a major way, through new programs that empower leaders on climate action, and new research that offers useful insights for more effective communications.
Here are some of the year’s biggest moments.
1. Campaigns research report released. The first of this year’s five research reports, Campaigns II: Recent Learnings from Other Social Movements, came out in March. This report explores why three major U.S. campaigns (Obama’s reelection, marriage equality, and the legalization of marijuana) were successful, and how we can apply those strategies to climate communications.
2. 2014 American Climate Values report released. In April, we debuted American Climate Values 2014: Psychographic and Demographic Insights. By detailing how Americans think, feel, and react to climate issues, this report helps illuminate ways to engage people on climate solutions.
3. Blessed Tomorrow launches. The first our five MomentUs programs went live on May 7. Blessed Tomorrow provides inspiration and support to faith leaders who are committed to serving as stewards of God’s creation.
4. 140+ leaders take part in the MomentUs Leadership Summit. On May 21-22, we met with leaders from 26 states, who offered their guidance on our MomentUs initiative. MomentUs helps provide leaders in the faith, business, health, education, and communities sectors with the resources they need to engage their organizations on climate solutions.
5. Psychological Impacts report released. Beyond Storms & Droughts: The Psychological Impacts of Climate Change, came out in June. It discusses how the gradual but persistent impacts of climate change can affect mental as well as physical health.
6. Solution Generation launches. The MomentUs higher education program went live on September 16. Solution Generation helps higher education leaders motivate action on climate and sustainability within their campuses and communities.
7. Racial and Ethnic Groups report released. In September, we put forward American Climate Values 2014: Insights by Racial and Ethnic Groups. This report uncovers common and distinct climate change values and beliefs among African, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino Americans, and offers strategies for connecting with those key populations.
8. Climate for Health launches. The MomentUs health program went live on December 9. Climate for Health empowers health leaders to inspire their patients, staff, communities, and the public on climate change solutions.
9. Climate Communications report released. Connecting on Climate: A Guide to Effective Climate Change Communication, came out on December 11 – hundreds of people joined us online for the webinar held the same day. This comprehensive guide explains best practices for engaging the American public on climate issues, and is designed to be useful to both experienced and novice communicators.
Our plans for 2015
In 2014, we started putting our MomentUs initiative into action. In 2015, we’ll keep expanding into new sectors and broadening our reach. Our communities program, Climate of Opportunities, will be launching later this month. And our business sector program, America Knows How, will launch towards the middle of the year. We’ll also continue our research into American beliefs and priorities on climate issues.
MomentUs is open to anyone who wants to lead America forward on climate change. We connect like-minded leaders within and across a wide range of sectors, so they can collaborate on solutions and combine their efforts to bring climate action into the mainstream. Join us on the Path to Positive.
And Happy New Year from all of us at ecoAmerica!

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