More Republicans Are Embracing Climate Solutions

New poll-half of Republicans support carbon limitsClimate change has long been considered a partisan issue, but that seems to be changing. In a recent poll from Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and Yale University, half of all Republicans surveyed said they believe carbon dioxide pollution should be regulated. And nearly half said the U.S. should lead the fight against climate change, even if other countries don’t take action.
This goes against the conventional belief that Republicans don’t support climate solutions. As this Fox News article goes on to say, majorities in both parties feel environmental protections create jobs and promote economic growth.
Other recent polls have discovered similar trends, especially among younger voters. A Washington Post-ABC News poll earlier this year found that, when it comes to climate issues, age matters more than partisanship. Both Democrats and Republicans under the age of 40 were more likely to support greenhouse gas regulations than older voters.
Personal identity plays a strong role in shaping how people respond to climate change – and political affiliation is only one part of that identity. A person may also be a parent, a businessperson, a churchgoer, or all of the above. Framing climate change in political terms can be polarizing, but talking about it in terms of faith, health, the economy, or national security can generate support across party lines.
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Half of Republicans Back Carbon Limits, Poll Says

Associated Press
When Republicans take control of Congress next month, top on their agenda will be undoing environmental regulations they claim will harm the economy, chief among them President Barack Obama’s plans to limit heat-trapping carbon pollution from coal-fired power plants.
The results of a new poll from the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and Yale University show their priorities may be misplaced.
Six in 10 Americans, including half of all Republicans, said they support regulation of carbon dioxide pollution, although they weren’t asked how. Nearly half of Republicans said the U.S. should lead the global fight to curb climate change, even if it means taking action when other countries do not. And majorities across party lines said environmental protections “improve economic growth and provide new jobs” in the long run, a popular Obama administration talking point.
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