7 Climate Success Stories to Be Thankful For

112614_Thankful_originalThis is the time of year to think about what we’re grateful for, and at ecoAmerica, we have so many people and organizations to thank for their leadership and inspiration on climate issues. Here are 7 success stories that stand out for us, but we appreciate all the efforts, large and small, that made this such an important year for climate progress.
1. We’re grateful for the hundreds of thousands who turned out for the People’s Climate March in New York City and many other places around the country and the globe.
2. We’re grateful for the leadership of President Obama and Chinese President Xi Jinping, who just weeks ago agreed to a groundbreaking plan to cut carbon emissions.
3. We’re grateful that the U.S. has pledged $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund, which helps developing countries deal with the effects of climate change. And we’re thankful that, with this contribution plus those of other countries, the fund is nearing its initial target of $10 billion.
4. We’re grateful to the American voters, who approved over $29 billion in funding for land and water conservation in the last election.
5. We’re grateful for the more than 140 leaders from 26 states who gathered for our MomentUs Leadership Summit in May. Sharing their expertise in the faith, business, health, education, and communities sectors, they helped us develop innovative strategies for moving climate change into the American mainstream.
6. We’re grateful for the successful launch of three MomentUs programs to help leaders engage Americans on climate solutions: Solution Generation, Blessed Tomorrow, and Climate for Health.
7. We’re grateful for all those who have joined us on the Path to Positive – and for everyone who is committed to action on climate change. Bring your voice to the table, and help lead America forward.
Image credit: Ellyn/Flickr via Creative Commons

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  1. Nice. Let’s be hopeful for even more to be thankful for in 2015!

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