How to Communicate Your Carbon Offset Strategy

111714_CarbonOffsets_originalAs businesses move towards greater sustainability, carbon offsets can help bridge the gap between current efficiencies and those they’re working to reach. But, as Triple Pundit explains, talking about carbon offsets can be challenging. The article offers several tips for communicating offset decisions, including choosing offsets that match your company’s values and balancing your message so it resonates with both customers and stakeholders.
More and more, consumers expect businesses to be socially responsible, and are willing to pay more for products and services provided by those companies. But above all, consumers want brands to be honest and authentic. By showing pride and confidence in their efforts and explaining the stories as well as the data behind their decisions, companies can help build credibility and support for corporate sustainability.
Business leaders have a unique opportunity to both inspire climate action through their example, and make a real contribution to the fight against climate change through their practices. That’s why the business sector is such an important part of our MomentUs initiative. To partner with us, sign up at

The Business Guide to Talking About Carbon

Mary Mazzoni, Contributor to Triple Pundit
Carbon offsetting gained international awareness back in 1997 with the signing of the Kyoto Protocol, which sanctioned offsets as a way for governments and companies to meet their greenhouse gas emission targets.
After a few years, offsets gained something of a stigma in the environmental community. Thoughts drifted to wealthy celebrities using offsets to justify weekly use of private jets or Coldplay’s infamous mango tree debacle, and critics were quick to bemoan offsets as an easy pathway to greenwashing or a half-hearted attempt to quell eco-guilt. But the market has changed drastically in the past 17 years.
“I know you mentioned in an article about the Coldplay thing, and that’s the ugly elephant in the room that nobody likes to talk about who’s in this industry,” Nancy Bsales, manager of carbon solutions for TerraPass, said with a laugh in a recent interview. “But over the years the transparency and the quality of offsets has improved tremendously. There are so many strong standards out there that a company or an industry can be very confident that what they’re doing is real.”
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