Climate Change Conversations Need to Focus on Solutions

110514_MyFigueroa_originalThe majority of Americans believe climate change is real, but many fail to act because they think they can’t make a meaningful difference. According to a recent poll commissioned by the 10:10 climate change campaign, two out of three respondents said hearing more about the solutions and benefits of climate action would motivate them to take action themselves.
In this Guardian article, Mal Chadwick describes 10:10’s #itshappening project, which he created to help people learn more about success stories in climate action. It’s intended not only to provide inspiration, but also to offer a rebuttal to those who say nothing is being done or can be done.
Maintaining a positive, solutions-focused message is something we completely agree with – in fact, those are important steps in our guiding principles. In order to be powerful, our examples should be tangible and locally relevant, and should explain how these solutions make life better, as well as helping improve the climate.

If We Want to Make Climate Action Happen We Need to Hear About the Solutions

Mal Chadwick, Contributor to The Guardian
Our efforts to cut carbon emissions aren’t working and no one else cares. Give up.
It’s not a great thought to start the day, but that’s the defeatist message Britain woke up to a couple of weeks ago, when the BBC’s Today Programme interviewed newly-sacked climate-sceptic environment secretary, Owen Paterson.
This climate defeatism also swirled around the rapturous reaction to Paterson’s argument from the usual suspects in the media. Having failed to undermine public acceptance of climate science or turn us against renewable energy, the high-carbon lobby wants to ensure that people have no appetite for the journey to a low-carbon society.
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