Framing Climate Change as Opportunity

092614GinaMcCarthy_OrigClimate change is most often framed as a problem that needs solving. But what if we framed climate change instead as an opportunity? Research indicates that framing climate change as an opportunity that can deliver benefits — economic and otherwise — can increase support for action. In a recent speech featured by USA Today, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy offers a skeleton of a new opportunity-focused narrative on climate change.
Rather than being an insurmountable, costly challenge, climate change is a national opportunity that can energize the economy, grow jobs, and showcase America’s ability to lead the world in innovation. Climate communicators should consider drawing on the thematic elements of McCarthy’s speech — nationalism, economic opportunity, and innovation —  in crafting their own messages about climate change to drum up support for action, especially from new constituencies. 


Climate Change Offers ‘Opportunity,’ EPA Says

Wendy Koch, Contributor to USA Today
Taking a new tack on climate change, the Obama administration touted Thursday the “opportunity” — rather than the cost — that climate action presents for the U.S. economy.
“Climate action is not just a defensive play, it advances the ball. We can turn our challenge into an opportunity to modernize our power sector, and build a low-carbon economy that’ll fuel growth for decades to come,” Environmental Protection Agency Gina McCarthy told Resources for the Future, a non-profit research group.
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