New ecoAmerica Research: Climate Values by Racial and Ethnic Groups

0919ACV14Racial&Ethnic_OrigecoAmerica is proud to announce the release of our newest research report, American Climate Values 2014: Insights by Racial and Ethnic Groups. This report builds upon the findings of the American Climate Values 2014: Psychographic and Demographic Insights report, released this past March, and uncovers the common and distinct climate change viewpoints, values and beliefs of African, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino Americans vs. national averages and each other.
The findings within this report are offered as a resource for any organization or initiative interested in engaging African, Asian, or Hispanic/Latino Americans in climate solutions.  It provides data, analysis, and recommendations for climate advocates to consider when refining strategies for and deepening engagement with these key American groups.
A few of the top-line findings from the analysis include:

  • African, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino American groups are convinced that climate change is happening at slightly higher rates than the national average: African Americans (74%), Asian Americans (83%), and Hispanic/Latino Americans (73%) versus all adults (71%).
  • Engagement in climate solutions varies among these groups, ranging from a handful who won’t engage, many who are already engaging, and 25% – 32% who are concerned but unsure of what to do.
  • There are many common points of understanding and resonance across all Americans. African, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino Americans tend to align with national averages on general climate knowledge.  Consensus values for all Americans are covered in American Climate Values 2014: Psychographic and Demographic Insightsreleased in March.
  • There are variances in what resonates most between the key groups studied, from whom they trust for guidance on climate, to the solutions they support, to the best avenues for reaching and engaging them.

Download the report today, and watch a webinar on the research.  In this webinar, ecoAmerica will present the report findings, implications, and recommendations to help leaders better understand how they can apply them in their work.

Download the report.

Download a 2-page summary of the report.

Watch the webinar.

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