Telling the Good News Story on Climate

Much of what we hear about climate change focuses on the negatives. Yet emphasizing only the negative effects of climate change won’t get us too far in solving the problem. Indeed, research indicates that focusing on the good news–the progress that communities around the world are already making in preventing the worst impacts of climate change–is often a more effective way of drawing in new constituencies and ramping up support for solutions.

A recent article in The Guardian suggests 10 reasons we ought to be hopeful about climate change. Communicators can use the information in this article when crafting their climate communications strategy. For more information about the best ways to get new constituencies on board with climate solutions, check out ecoAmerica‘s 2014 report: American Climate Values: Psychographic and Demographic Insights.

10 Reasons to Be Hopeful That We Will Overcome Climate Change

Karl Mathiesen, Contributor to The Guardian

For the last few months, carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere have been at record levels unseen in over 800,000 years. The chairman of the IPCC, an international panel of the world’s top climate scientists, warned earlier this year that “nobody on this planet is going to be untouched by the impacts of climate change”.

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