The Conversation on Climate Is Shifting in America. Here’s How.

072514AmericanFlag_OrigClimate change used to be an issue for environmentalists. But the national conversation on climate change is changing–and fast–to include the voices of many Americans beyond just environmentalists. The past few weeks in particular, writes NRDC President Frances Beinecke, have seen an outpouring of calls for action from unusual suspects, including farmers, people of faith, members of the military, and conservatives.
Beinceke recounts a half dozen calls to action from unlikely sources, including an Iowa farmer, an evangelical minister in Pennsylvania’s coal country, and a group of seven Montana veterans. To learn about efforts to to shift the conversation on climate change in the United States, check out MomentUs, a new multi-sector climate initiative designed to build a critical mass of popular support for climate solutions in America.


National Conversation on Climate Change Has Shifted; Just Look at Latest Calls for Action

Frances Beinecke, Contributor to The Huffington Post and President of NRDC
Matt Russell recently declared that “we are already experiencing the effects of climate change.” Russell isn’t a pundit or scientist or government official. He is a fifth-generation farmer from Lacona, Iowa, and he is struggling to raise crops in the face of extreme weather. “Scientists have been telling us what climate change looks like. As farmers, we’re living it,” Russell said.
The climate conversation has changed in this country.
When I started working to combat climate change two decades ago, it was a topic largely for environmentalists and scientists. Now business leaders, former Republican officials, public health experts, religious groups, and farmers have joined in.
Indeed, after reams of scientific evidence have appeared in the news and countless extreme weather events have landed in our communities, the issue has gone mainstream. The vast majority of Americans are no longer debating climate change; they are looking for solutions.
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