New Poll: 70% of Americans Support Regulating Carbon Pollution From Power Plants

060414CoalPlant_OrigPolling results released Tuesday show that 70 percent of Americans support regulating carbon and other greenhouse gas pollution from power plants. The joint Washington Post – ABC News poll, which was recently featured in The Washington Post, found that 78 percent of Democrats, 69 percent of Independents, and 63 percent of Republicans say that the federal government should limit the release of greenhouse gases from existing power plants in an effort to reduce global warming. The poll also showed strong support for regulation requiring states to limit greenhouse gas emissions within their borders, with 70 percent of Americans saying they would support such a policy.
Importantly, Americans showed strong support for greenhouse gas regulations, even if regulations would raise households’ monthly energy expenses. Sixty-three percent of respondents said they would Washington should still go forward with limits if they “significantly lowered greenhouse gases but raised your monthly energy expenses by 20 dollars a month.” The poll was conducted May 29 to June 1 among a random sample of 1,002 American adults.

A Huge Majority of Americans Support Regulating Carbon From Power Plants. And They’re Even Willing to Pay For It.

Scott Clement and Peyton M. Craighill, Contributors to The Washington Post
A lopsided and bipartisan majority of Americans support federal limits on greenhouse gas emissions, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll that also finds most are willing to stomach a higher energy bill to pay for it.
Fully 70 percent say the federal government should require limits to greenhouse gases from existing power plants, the focus of a new rule announced Monday by the Environmental Protection Agency. An identical 70 percent supports requiring states to limit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions within their borders. (Read everything you need to know about the EPA’s proposed rules).
Democrats and Republicans are in rare agreement on the issue. Fifty-seven percent of Republicans, 76 percent among independents and 79 percent of Democrats support state-level limits on greenhouse gas emissions. Strong tea party supporters are most resistant to limits on emissions by states and power plants; 50 percent say the federal government should impose caps, while 45 percent say they should not.
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Image credit: Matt Brown/Associated Press via The Washington Post

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