New NAS Report Lays Out Climate Change, Plain and Simple

030614NASClimateReport_OrigScientific reports, especially those on climate change, are infamous for being esoteric and hard to read. In fact, confusion about climate science is one factor that has hindered progress towards climate solutions. But a new report, produced jointly by the National Academy of Sciences in the US and the Royal Society in the UK and recently featured in Climate Progress promises to be that document that some climate communicators have been hoping for for years. This crisp, clear report lays out the evidence and causes of climate change without much jargon or technical speak, and even provides Q & A sections that climate communicators can easily pull for their own materials. Of course, communicating the science of climate change is rarely enough to build acceptance of the problem and support for solutions. For tips on going beyond the science, see MomentUs’s 5-page climate communication guide: Communicating on Climate: 13 Steps and Guiding Principles.

National Academy Of Sciences Delivers Highly Readable Climate Change Warning

By Joe Romm, Founding Editor of Climate Progress
So you’ve been wondering what to recommend to your open-minded friends who want a readable but authoritative introduction to climate change, one which answers their key questions. Look no further!
The US National Academy of Sciences and the U.K. Royal Society have achieved a breakthrough in readability with their new report, “Climate Change: Evidence & Causes.”
Group reports by leading climate scientists are notoriously hard to read, such as the opaque-as-squid-ink IPCC report from September. But the Academy and Society shrewdly break the mold for climate reports by starting with a Climate Change Q&A — and by beginning each answer with a short, non-technical response:
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Download the report here.
Image credit: National Academy of Sciences

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