Senate Pushes TV Networks to Ramp Up Climate Coverage

01.23.14 SandersClimateGroupA new Senate task force on climate change says it will call on Sunday news programs to ramp up their climate coverage, according to a recent article in The Hill. Sunday news programs spent just eight minutes discussing climate change in all of 2012, and nine minutes in 2011 — numbers that task force member Sen. Bernie Sanders (I – VT) said need to change. Sanders announced last week that he and fellow task force member Sen. Brian Schatz (D – HI) will write a letter to major networks pushing them for more coverage. Other goals of the task force, which was announced earlier this month, include protecting administrative regulations, defending the renewable fuel standard, and possibly paving the way for new climate legislation.

Senate group wants climate change on Sunday talk shows

By Laura Barron-Lopez, The Hill
Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said on Tuesday the first action by a new Senate task force on climate change will be to push Sunday news programs on global warming coverage.
“Sen. [Brian] Schatz (D-Hawaii) and I are working on a letter” to send to networks, Sanders said during Tuesday’s press conference announcing the new Senate Climate Action Task Force.
“Sunday news shows devoted all of eight minutes in 2012 to coverage of climate change issues, which is a decrease from nine minutes the year before.”
“This is the greatest crisis facing our planet, and the major networks on their important Sunday news shows have devoted all of eight minutes to discuss that issue. That has got to change,” Sanders added.
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