Fox News Only Covers Climate When It’s Cold

01.23.14 FoxNewsCoverage_OrigA Media Matters analysis recently featured in Salon reveals that Fox News’ climate coverage is heavily driven by weather patterns. In other words, Fox only covers climate when it’s cold. According to the analysis, Fox covered climate change nine times during the polar vortex cold spell between Jan. 2 and Jan. 8 of this year, using the drop in temperatures as evidence that global warming isn’t happening. In contrast, when the country experienced a heat wave from July 14 to 20 in 2011, Fox didn’t mention climate change a single time. And during a similar hot spell in 2012, Fox mentioned climate once, but only to proclaim it was doing nothing to drive the record temperatures.

How Fox News’ climate coverage is affected by cold spells and heat waves

By Lindsay Abrams, Assistant Editor at Salon
The most we can ever hope for from Fox News is that the network will ignore climate change completely, because every time it brings the topic up, something like this happens.
During last week’s polar vortex, however, Fox reporters were on it, mentioning the topic much more often than their counterparts at CNN and MSNBC. And they took every opportunity available to cast doubt upon whether it’s happening.
According to an analysis by Media Matters, the network brought up climate change a total of nine times between Jan. 2 and Jan. 8, while the nation was mired in the unusual cold spell. Let’s contrast that to how often they mentioned climate change during a different week, in 2011, during which the country experienced a heat wave:
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