Reddit Bids Farewell to Climate Deniers

01.06.13 ClimateDenier_OrigLast month, the popular social news site Reddit joined the LA Times in banning climate deniers on one of its most popular science forums, /r/science. The forum, which boasts more than 4 million subscribers, is a platform for scientists and non-scientists alike to discuss the latest in peer-reviewed scientific research. But recently, volunteer moderators decided that denialist comments and posts on climate change are threatening the forum’s otherwise civil and scientific tone, according to a recent Climate Progress article. The shift led the site to announce last month that will now prohibit all posts and comments that deny man-made climate change.

Why Reddit’s Science Forum Banned Climate Deniers

By Emily Atkin, Reporter, Climate Progress
One of Reddit’s most popular sections is /r/science, a forum where even the most curious and uninformed nerd can bulk up on recent, peer-reviewed scientific research. This is possible on /r/science because of its community — more than 4 million people, scientists included, who are more or less genuinely interested in engaging, empirical, and accurate scientific discussion on that material.
But for a long time, that type of discussion — at least surrounding climate change — has been hindered by trolling of the most “rude and uninformed” kind, according to Nathan Allen, a a PhD chemist and /r/science moderator. Which is why the site reddit has since prohibited posts and comments by people who deny the realities of man-made climate change.
“There is a de facto ban of climate denial in /r/science, yes,” Allen told ThinkProgress on Tuesday. “We require submissions to /r/science to be related to recent publications in reputable peer-reviewed journals which effectively excludes any climate denial.
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