New Poll: Most Americans Are Seeing the Effects of Climate Change, and Support Action

Screen Shot 2013-12-23 at 9.46.58 AMMost Americans are seeing the effects of climate change, and want people and organizations to start preparing soon, according to results released Friday by USA Today. The poll, conducted by USA Today in collaboration with Stanford University and the nonpartisan research group Resources for the Future, found that 71% of Americans have seen some effects of global warming. Moreover, 83% of Americans say that people and organizations should “do things soon” to prepare for the effects of global warming. The poll results also suggest that Americans support action on the issue: three in four Americans say the U.S. should take action on global warming, even if other major industrial nations do not.
The poll results also reveal strong support for solar and wind energy: 91% of Americans believe that generating electricity from sunlight is a good idea, and 84% believe that generating electricity from wind is a good idea. In contrast, only 21% of Americans say generating electricity from coal is a good idea.


Poll: Americans see impact of global warming

By Wendy Koch, USA Today
Most Americans say global warming is serious and want the United States to address it, but their support for government regulations has fallen in recent years, says a poll Friday conducted for USA TODAY.
Three of five say global warming is a very serious global problem, and two of three say it will hurt future generations either a lot or a great deal if nothing is done to reduce it, according to the poll of 801 U.S. adults done in conjunction with Stanford University and Resources for the Future, a non-partisan research group, which funded the research.
“It seems obvious” the Earth is warming, says survey participant Ken Anderson, 30, a database administrator in West Valley, Utah, citing consensus among climate scientists about the overall issue. Yet, he says, “it will be more of a concern for my children and my children’s children.”
Also notable: 71% say they see the effects of global warming, and 28% say it made the damage from last year’s Superstorm Sandy “much worse,” though 41% say it had no effect.
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