Theme of 2013 Earth Day Comes Alive in Social Media Project

5_faces-of-climate-change-mosaic-e1364229819707-jpg-492x0_q85_crop-smartIn the months leading up to Earth Day last week, the Earth Day Network put together an international, participatory, social media project to put a human face on climate change. From Dayton, Ohio, to Timor Leste, from Chile to India, thousands of fascinating photos and stories attest to the impacts that climate change is having on people. Below is the EDN’s statement about why they chose this tactic: 

Digital mosaic shows human face of climate change

© Earth Day Network

We often talk about climate change in sweeping scientific terms–sea level rise, ocean acidification, feedback loop–but these can be hard for regular people to grasp. After all, most of the negative effects of climate change are yet to come, making it difficult to convey a sense of urgency. For those living in wealthy countries, everything still seems normal, even though it’s not.

The ” Face of Climate Change” photo display aims to break through this limited perspective. Between now and Earth Day – April 22 – this interactive digital display will aggregate user-submitted photographs depicting people’s concerns about climate change. Then, it will be shown at Earth Day events around the world.

Sometimes, it can be difficult to discuss climate change with our friends and neighbors. Well-funded misinformation and constant politicizing make people feel like there are sides to be taken. But really, we’re all in this together. Denying the reality of climate change won’t keep it from happening. What affects a small island nation will eventually have repercussions for the rest of the world.

The global theme for Earth Day 2013 is The Face of Climate Change. It’s important to remember that when we talk about the negative effects, we’re not just talking about trees or temperatures. The international online mosaic is collecting images of people, animals and places directly affected or threatened by climate change as well as photos of people taking action to stop it.

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