James Hansen: The Scientist with a Public Message

Dr. James Hansen of NASA, honored advocate of climate change since the 1970s, has put forth a scientific study that connects the recent heat waves and drought to the increasing concentration of carbon dioxide and gases in our atmosphere caused by human activity. Hansen has never shied from the media, and takes a front seat in the media’s coverage on his work in articles, interviews, and speeches. To help people grasp the impacts we’re facing, he utilizes metaphor of a “loaded dice” to depict that as this dice is rolled and time progresses, extreme weather events are becoming more frequent.

James Hansen’s Talk on PBS Newshour

More Hansen In The Media

NASA article by James Hansen on his research findings (August 2012)
NASA article by James Hansen and colleagues (August 2012)
Article by James Hansen (May 2012)
Coverage on Hansen’s research in New York Times

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