Latino Opinion On the Environment (Good News)

In follow-up to their 2008 survey, project New America partnered with Sierra Club and National Council of La Raza (NCLR) to conduct a nationwide study of Latino voters’ opinions on various environment issues. The results characterize Latinos as strong environmental advocates, leading above the general American public. For example, 77% believe climate change is already happening, which is a larger number than the general public. But Latinos are more than just believers — they support action: 83% want to move away from fossil fuels and desire more clean energy sources, and 92% feel the public has a moral responsibility to protect the wilderness and public land.

2012 National Latinos and the Environment Survey

Executive Summary from Sierra Club and NCLR
Sierra Club and NCLR Presentation of Findings
Press Release

For more information about the survey, please email [email protected] or visit their website here.

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