Make it “Us” to Make it Real

In her TEDx talk, Simran Sethi discusses the psychological barriers to environmental engagement. In order to transform our world, Sethi advises, we first have to transform the way we engage with each other. We all process information in different ways; what we see and what we directly experience matters. Humans respond to threats that they feel are relevant to them on a personal level, and due to people’s “finite pool of worry,” there is only so much one can worry about. To make information relevant to the public, we must position the information to be close to each one of us, either emotionally or physically, and allow another to link their beliefs to ours. By forming that connection, the issue is no longer about someone or something else — now it’s about us.

Why and how do we engage? Simran Sethi at TEDxCibeles

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  1. Simran Sethi is a very relavent speaker for these troubled times in our history. When we start envisioning all people as us instead of us and them ,the barriers to communications start disappearing. The commonality that emerges makes it easier to cross boundaries and make change happen.We are in desperate need of change.

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